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Hey there you naughty Wanker, I’m Betty
and I am your Masterbatrix of the evening and ooohhh
do I have some plans in store for you! I specialize in
cock control, orgasm denial, guided masturbation,
femdom, and tease and denial. I may be naughty, I may
be a nice Masterbatrix … just depends on what I think
is best for your particular mind set.

First, don’t even THINK about cumming
until I give you permission to. Don’t even ask Me
as the answer will be a short and curt "NO". I assure
you I will tell you when or "IF" you can, and that
is "IF" you have pleased Me enough to be allowed to
explode in your hands, your mouth, and "IF" you’re
lucky enough, maybe Me.

You will comply with everything I say
and tell you to do, and you will like it! If you don’t
like it then get dressed and head for the door.
What I say goes. Period!

First I want you to start out by
rubbing this ginger cream I give you, all inside
your thighs, all the way up to your balls and cock, but
DO NOT TOUCH either one of them, Ohhh Nooo …
not yet My pet! Rub your inner thighs, your stomach
and as close as you can get to your ass
without touching it yet.

Then I might make you put your arm
on your chair and reach up with one stroke up
and then stop, pause, put that hand back down onto
the chair and then use the other hand to do one stroke
up then pause again. We will do this as long as I feel
it is necessary and entertains Me and gives Me
pleasure, then I may let you stroke your hard
cock 10 times in a row if I’m feeling nice!

No Cumming, not yet My silly pet
as you are here to please Me and only Me!
I know you understand that. I have a lot of tricks
up my skirt so call Me and let’s begin our
guided masturbation together.

You may not cum until you talk to Me,
do you understand? Therefore pick up the phone
and call Me immediately to release that huge
load after a guided session. Nothing feels better than
to come at My command as well as My demand!

I am Betty, your Masterbatrix
and I look forward to gaining pleasure out of
O/our session together ... Do you?



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