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Down in Texas we southern girls learned to ride
horses before we could tie our shoes. But me, I like
being rode bareback. I ain't no prissy lil city gal. I love
when the horse I am riding bucks and makes my
little puss tingle. Most city girls can't ride trail cause their
saddle gets sore but not me. I'd rather have a stallion
between my legs. Not some small pony get my drift.
When guys think I'm broke I reverse and ride
my stallion backwards and I don't
dismount to finish my ride.

I am a fun ride that can't get enough.
My paw taught me it ain't proper to spit so I
swallow like a lady. I am soft and rough as nails.
I never met a man that didn't love this fillie so let's play
chicken. Well are ya? I am the girl your momma
warned you about and your daddy prayed for.
Try me on for a good ride.

My Specialties:

• Family play – we don't tell?

• Cream pie – love that meat drippin

• Adultery – your spouse don't know me

• Golden showers – I love to pull my clit back
and piss all over you

• Feminization – you ain't no man, you're my bitch

• Anal – pretend you're from the south and fire that
cannon in my back door like we did them Yankees

• Oral – I ain't going to spit; I am a lady

• Worship me – I will spin you around like a wild
bull and keep you cummin back for more

• No taboos or limits – my daddy taught me to
be all I can be so I don't reckon I can tell ya no

• Punishment – you put your hands on me and
I don't ask for it I will beat your azz

• Bi curious – I ate a little pussy at a barn party
and not quite sure if I like it. I could use some
encouragement to try it again but she looked
damn sexy straddlin that stallion and I just had
to taste that sweet twat between her legs

• And more that I can't list here ...



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