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Paltalk: StarSextingOne -- ask for Dena

Hello wanker. I'm Dena, the masturbation manager.
Once you call me, your pull stick will become my personal
toy. I will control your every move. I may or may not
allow you to cum. I will laugh as I listen to you moan
and plea for me to let you blow your load. It's not about
YOUR pleasure anyway. It's about ME, and the
pleasure is all MINE.

If you are a pathetic pantie boy, then wrap
yourself up in pure softness with a pink, plush cotton robe,
slip on some terry clog scuffs and call me. Use your most
feminine voice when you speak so that I can hear how sissy
you sound. I will dress you appropriately in satin, silk and lace.
Any man would admire your beauty and desire to take you
sexually. I will introduce you to my male friends and make you
perform acts that you have not even imagined. Your cock-let
will twitch and ache for attention. Even then, I may or may
not allow you the pleasure of releasing your load of cum.

If you are looking for erotic humiliation, then bring a
hankie with you. My humiliation will turn you into a cry baby!
A man should be a man, so if you are a pathetic small limp
dick loser, then be warned – I show no mercy! I'm always
looking for a laugh. Call me and give me some giggles.



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