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Straight men tell me all the time that I am
sexy and beautiful, and that I have the most sensual eyes.
Do you think so? I know I work hard on my looks and enjoy being
a special kind of woman. Have you ever wondered what it would
be like to be with a woman like me? I think you have. I think
you have had more than one wet dream about me.

Does the thought of my full lips on your cock make
you crazy with desire? I know you want to fuck and feel my
tight round ass around you hard cock. I know you want to hold
back but you can't keep your cock from exploding. Well you
better learn how to. You better learn to cum WHEN
I tell you that you can.

Well, I'm here to tease you and make you beg for it.
You'll fill my sweet ass with your cum when and if I tell you to.
But first I will tease you. And just when you think you can't
take anymore, I'll slide my hard thick cock in your mouth so you
can taste my precum. I know you want to feel my cock growing
in your throat and then pounding your ass!

I have no limits and especially love panty boys, cum sluts, Domination/submissive, voyeurism, spanking, teasing and denial,
cock control, telling you how to touch yourself, and toysl



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