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Today may be the last day of the miserable and
pathetic life you know. Since you called me, I want to let you know
I can be a sensual, sexually-fulfilling Woman, but I prefer to be a strong,
Strict and controlling Mistress. One who SOMETIMES rewards slut boys
with a taste of a more loving side. This, of course, depends upon
My mood, and how respectful and obedient you are.

You should know that I prey upon helpless and weak men.
I torment weasels such as yourself, with your tiny dicks, low self
esteem and open wallets. I love to pounce on you as I watch you quiver
under my total control. Do I have a loving side? Possibly, if and when
I decide you deserve it. Your job is to amuse, entertain me
and *PLEASE* Me.

I am always looking for new sluts, slaves, sissies, losers
and naughty fuck boys for My fun and amusement. Both virgin sluts
and seasoned whores are welcome. I'll take you all, and the nastier the
better! So don't run away, My frightened little boy. I may be demanding
and controlling but I am also compassionate and loving.

A job well done warrants rewards, and the orgasms you MAY be
allowed to receive will blow you through the roof. When I'm done with
you, you'll be refreshed, and a very, very appreciative
new pet of mine.

If you've come to check me out you'd better drop
that little peepee and pay attention. The first rule for Lady Jordan
is that you never touch your ding-a-ling without my permission. I expect
respect and obedience from my Sluts whether you're a little whiney
boy or a dressed up fag. So I'm going to lay down some rules and if you
can follow them, Lady Jordan may just adopt you into her little
family of pervos and wanker boys.

Don't bother telling me how "beautiful" I am, I know
this and it makes you appear to be a bigger dumb ass than you already
are. Say something interesting for fucks sake would you?

Let me warn all you wankers right now, if you plan on
calling me and just breathing heavy and not speaking to me,
DON’T WAIST YOUR TIME!! I do have caller ID and I will call you back
and let you know what kind of Asshole you are. If you're married I
may even wait and call another time and fill your wife in on the stupid
ass tricks you do on the phone. So at least have the guts to be
polite and speak to me. Now you may call me anytime and
if I am home and not busy I will take your call.




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