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Hello naughty boys. I guess you're horny or
you wouldn’t be reading this bio. So what caught your
eye, my awesome blond hair? My green eyes? Or maybe my
curvy body? Let me tell you a little about myself while
you jerk that cock of yours.

I have a very naughty sexual appetite.
I love sex of all kinds. Sucking cock is my expertise.
I love a nice long cock sliding in and out of my mouth while
you slip your fingers in my wet cunt. Or a little dick flipping
around in my mouth with you pinch my nipples. There is
no cock too big or to small for my wet mouth. I do love
a guy that will lick my pussy until my toes curl. Can you
handle this? I hate a guy that is only into sex for
themselves and could care less about me.

I am into role-playing also. I love being
your naughty mommy and seducing your young ass.
Maybe you can be my student and you have to stay after
school for some private lessons. Wanna be my nephew
and stay overnight? I would love for you to be my
pool boy and you decide to clean my pool while I am
skinny dipping, hope you can swim because you
will be under water a lot.

Hey one of my secret fantasies is to have
you dress up in my panties and wear them while
I fuck you with my strap-on. Or we can go with your
idea if I like them. Got any, little boy?

I love to tease and deny my little horny boys.
I will tease you with my sexy curves and sexy words until
your beg me to let you release your load. Being a Bitch,
I will will deny you untill I think you deserve to cum.
Don't let my beautiful looks fool you. I love all you shy
little guys, gives me something to keep me amused.
I love to make you squirm and beg.

I am a very outdoorsy kind of person and
love having sex with nature. Well at least I can have
sex with nature that is, you may not be cumming that day.
Hee hee. We can go to the beach and have hot, wild
sex on the sand by moonlight. We can go hiking in the
mountains and bend over the rocks and teach the
wildlife how to fuck.

I have over 30 toys in my toy box and you
can take a look inside and tell me what one to use
for our call. So now that I have peeked your attention,
give me a call and lets get started.

Call anytime between 11 am and 11 pm pacific time
@ 1-866-745-5603.




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