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Hello Wanker Boys! I'm Simone, a spoiled,
pampered princess who's accustomed to getting what
I want. And what I want is to be pleasured and satisfied,
over and over again. I want your face buried in my damp
patch, your lips locked around my swollen clit.

So kneel down before me and put that tongue of
yours to good use. Slide it around my deliciously wet slit
until I squirt all over your face. Then lap up every drop
of my precious juice.

And if you lick me just right, I may reward
you by pounding your ass hard with my strap-on.
But I won't bend you over. Instead I'll take you from the
front, with your legs high in the air. Of course you get
to suck my strap-on clean after I'm done abusing
your ass ... now wouldn't you like that?

Oh, and you don't get to fuck me afterwards,
not with that pathetic weiner of yours! But I'll let you
watch me get myself off with my massive dildo if you like.
Clutch that prick in your fist and watch it disappear
as you attempt to jack off!

I'd just love to make you into my sissy slut.
I'll dress you up and take you out, parade you around
and let everyone see what a hot little cocksucker you are.
Go on ... raise your skirt and let everyone see that tiny
little pecker you've been hiding all these years!
It belongs to me now ...



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